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“Non” Profit$

October 29, 2013

Here’s a chart of all the nonprofit organizations who make millions by making money disappear.

The Cheater Says
: Magic! Just de-fund the enforcement agencies and the magic will spread… Sign up now!

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The Infomerical

October 22, 2013

It’s why you’re here:

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13 Billion Cheats

JPMorgan Chase Settles MBS Conflict with Justice Department for $13 Billion

The Cheater Says: If they settled for $13 billion, imagine how much they actually cheated. Gotta be at least $200 billion, right? Geniu$.

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$preading The Word

September 10, 2013

BusinessInsider offers Unethical Like Hacks (Part I, Part II) and a study finds that “Cheaters feel upbeat when no one gets hurt.

The Cheater Says: Looks like they stole my ideas. Cool by me. The more of us who cheat, the better, because they can’t catch us all.

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Something a little different

September 7, 2013

In order to make even more money, The Cheater assumes his “Jeff Kreisler” character from back in the old TheStreet.com Funny Money days for a little market recap for Money Or Die:

The Cheater Says: I don’t like his my attitude.

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Couple Quick Gold-i-Cheats

July 22, 2013

Moving Aluminum Around, Skimming Off the Top
The Art – of Profit-Making – Institutes

The Cheater Says:
Common thread #1. Scams milking you and Uncle $am.
Common thread #2: Our hero, Goldman Sachs, owns both.

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Get Rich Cha$ing

July 18, 2013

Chase, Once Considered “The Good Bank,” Is About to Pay Another Massive Settlement

The Cheater Says: This Rolling Stone article doesn’t need a controversial cover… it just lists all the awesome ways Chase gets rich cheating. Take some notes.

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Cheat Dump

May 15, 2013

The Cheater Says: Been busy counting money, so here are a few recent in$pirations…

• Enron’s Skilling Gets Out of Jail Early
• The Rich Have Gained $5.6 Trillion in the ‘Recovery,’ While the Rest of Us Have Lost $669 Billion
• Obama Nominates a Penny for Some Bucks
• Rich Manhattan moms hire handicapped tour guides so kids can cut lines at Disney World
• No Rich Child Left Behind
• See me on TV talking Sanford, Weiner, and other traditional cheaters finding “redemption”/a way to make more money.
• The awesome power of high-speed trading:

More $oon…

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Out Tax $ecrets Revealed… Literally

April 4, 2013

Giant Investigative Document Dump Gives View “Inside the Global Offshore Money Maze”

The Cheater Says: Hey, you can’t spell “Making billions with illicit offshore tax havens” without “illicit offshore tax haves.” Happy tax season!

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Cheaters Unite!

April 1, 2013

Rupert Murdoch Honors Jeff Kreisler… Again!

The Cheater Says: Birds of a feather, cheat together…

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