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September 18, 2017

The reviews have started pouring in for The Cheater’s new book, Dollars And Sense.

“Engaging and funny, rife with anecdotes and advice, the book defangs a difficult topic while teaching a lot.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“A lively look at how even the wisest among us are too often fools eager to part with our money… A user-friendly and often entertaining treatise on how to be a more discerning, vastly more aware handler of money.” – Kirkus Reviews


Dollars and Sense hc c

The Cheater Says
: You can use the book for good. Or you can use it for REALLY GOOD (winky face). Up to you (other, creepier winky face).

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Cheaters Unite!

April 1, 2013

Rupert Murdoch Honors Jeff Kreisler… Again!

The Cheater Says: Birds of a feather, cheat together…

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Our $ecret is Out!

March 13, 2013

And The Banks Get Off Easy – by Charlie Pierce

The Cheater Says: So, yeah, everybody knows what the problem is… but not everybody’s smart enough to jump aboard the problem and milk it for millions why they can… Except for you, my aspiring cheaters. Read, repeat, & reap…

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Great Speech at the D-N-Cheat

September 7, 2012

The Cheater helped craft Governor Granholm’s scene-stealing speech at the Democratic National Convention. He tried to bankrupt the commies from the inside. He failed. But he’ll surely make some ca$h off it. Video & reviews here.

The Cheater Says: Pay up, people. Or I’ll do it again.

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Get China Cheating

March 22, 2012

The Chinese language version of Get Rich Cheating is now available!
This is the awesome description, in its entirety, from the Amazon.com page:

American thick black theory; classics to become rich in business circle; absolute principle in official circle! It is the first bare fraud teaching material in the world. If you can understand it, you will not be cheated at least. In poor mans dictionary, fraud is defined as delusion by trick, cheat and dishonest method. But many American clearly knowing about society doesnt think so. They have not prejudice concept of right or wrong. Cheaters define fraud as astonishing personal profits made through illegal, immoral and interesting ways. The author Jeff Kreisler thinks that you shall drive the thought that fraud is not correct away from your mind. It is only a decadent thought inculcated to you by weak culture which will not let you succeed. The humor statement of this book is that fraud is great and doing well it you will be a big cheater.

The Cheater (aka ke lai si le) Says: I don’t know if I’m saving or destroying the world, but I am sure I’m making a difference.

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The 1 and The 99

November 4, 2011

Get Rich Cheating was in the latest issue of the official Occupied Wall Street Journal and tonight the Cheater creates a new generation of followers at a business school ethics symposium.

The Cheater Says: From the 99% to the 1%, I will gladly take 15% of your earnings.

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Pre$$ed for Attention

August 3, 2011

Boston media love Get Rich Cheating Live. The Local Patch does, too.

The Cheater Says: Fools! I’ll show them all at my next seminar, with a very special guest, the guy from whom I stole my book idea. BwaaahahahaHA!

Tuesday, Aug 9, 8pm • The PIT • 123 East 24th St – $8 • Facebook info
This month, Jeff interviews the founder of the think tank DEMOS and bestselling author of “The Cheating Culture” David Callahan.
Everyone’s cheating: Why not you?

“A Michael Moore-esque rallying cry” – Time Out New York
“Laugh-out-loud” – The New York Times
“Hilarious” – Chicago Tribune
“A funny satirical attack on the culture of greed” – NY Theater.com
“Hilarious” – Flavorpill
“Reflections so clever, you wonder why they aren’t present in the political discourse” – Fest

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Ethics Lecture On Cheating

June 1, 2011

For the theatre & club version of the show, go here.

NEWS: MSNBC now features Jeff’s Cheat Chats, Thursdays in the 4pm hour. Some clips here.

A satirical wealth-building seminar perfect for colleges, business schools, legal programs, professional conferences and more. The subject is the ethics of making money and the perils of unchecked self-interest and obsession with financial gain. (more…)

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My Kind Of Cheat, Chicago…

September 3, 2010

On Get Rich Cheating Live:

“Hilarious… Kreisler nails the glad-handing “just between us” semi-conspiratorial tone of guru/salesmen such as Tony Robbins… His audience interactions are smooth and he knows how to stick the knife into our guts in the middle of a belly laugh” – Chicago Tribune

“Plenty of polished one-liners and wry observations” – Time Out Chicago

The Cheater Says: What are you waiting for? Just three shows left!

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Cheat Out New York review

August 29, 2010

“A Michael Moore-esque rallying cry… Disturbing & frightening… I’ve never seen anything like it… a really great performer” – Time Out New York

The Cheater Says: I like “disturbing & frightening,” though they left out the most important thing: Rich!

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