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Real Drugs, Fake Drugs & Candidates on Drugs

September 7, 2016

“Hey Cheater, how come you’ve been so quiet lately? Seems like there’s a lot going on for you to talk about, from the Olympics to the campaigns to every day ho-hum scams. What up?”

The Cheater Says: Talk is cheap, but I’m not. All that cheating you mention? Yeah, that’s me. My doing. I’ve just been too busy consulting with these heroes to write blogs for free.
Just remember: Every time you see something sketchy, unethical, a slimy in the news… I’m involved. Buy this book or book this talk for more.

Here are some drugs:
Real – Epipens
Real – Russian ‘Roids
Fake – Theranos: How Elizabeth Holmes’s House of Cards Came Tumbling Down
Campaign – Pay to Play, Mr. Trump?*
*I mean, really, his whole campaign/career/life is just an inspiring case study for my book/course/life. More on this grifting hero to come (& in the book already)!

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