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"Somebody get Jeff Kreisler on 'The Colbert Report.'... Delectable one-liners... As funny and as quotable as anything that appears daily on late-night TV. You are guaranteed a few laugh-out-loud verbal souvenirs to try out on your friends." - The New York Times

"Just by reading this book you'll earn an asterisk next to your name. You'll be laughing all the way to the bank, assuming other cheaters haven't forced it into bankruptcy yet."
— Rachel Maddow (MSNBC)

"A very funny book with a very timely message."
— Terry Jones (Monty Python)

"Thank God for Jeff Kreisler. He has given us a book that offers a much needed sucker punch to the greedsters who, well, get rich cheating. This is THE book to read in the unemployment line."
— Lizz Winstead (Co-creator of The Daily Show)

"A brilliant and brilliantly sustained satirical broadside. On just about every page, you'll find a pithy, pointed barb worthy of the late great George Carlin."
— Tony Hendra (National Lampoon, Father Joe, Spinal Tap)

A Boston Globe Bestseller

Penthouse Magazine: "Catcher in the Rye for evildoers"

CNBC.com Bullish On Books: "Laugh out loud - roaring!"

The Reviews Page: "Is (it) a humor book, prescient, or a Wall Street / Washington user’s manual? It is all three... Kreisler is that funny."

Midwest Book Review: "Take a healthy dose of humor and blend it with some business savvy and observations of questionable practices and you have GET RICH CHEATING... a hilarious, pointed observation of business. Five Stars

LettersOnPages: "A really funny, and really sarcastic, tutorial on how to make money the easy way: illegally! ... It is very witty and very biting."

TheQNote: "One can easily envision Jeff Kreisler as a guest on The Colbert Report... Why? He’s funny, he has mad political criticism skills and, as his new book reveals, he’s shrewdly corrupt."

The Serious Comedy Site: "I loooove Get Rich Cheating. When do I get my kickback?... A great airport / summer vacation read.”

The Comedians: "Taking the liars and manipulators in politics to task, as well as sports and pop culture figures, and presenting the facts as a satirical guide that’s part infomercial, part indictment. Like his act, it’s as smart and funny as it is independent and direct in its message."

UVA Lawyer: "A humorous, tongue-in-cheek guide to getting what isn’t ours (but sometimes seems as if it ought to be)... He gently pokes and prods readers to stop daydreaming about a life of luxury and go out and grab it"

Miami Examiner: "Ever wonder what it’s like inside the mind of a genius?  Well, now you can take a peek... In the God-is-Dead tradition of Nietzsche, Kreisler is superman."

Dylan Ratigan (MSNBC): "Why would you work when there's literature like this?"

Reviews of Get Rich Cheating Live:

The New York Times: "Somebody get Jeff Kreisler on 'The Colbert Report.'... Delectable one-liners... As funny and as quotable as anything that appears daily on late-night TV. You are guaranteed a few laugh-out-loud verbal souvenirs to try out on your friends.”

Chicago Tribune: "Hilarious… Kreisler nails the glad-handing “just between us” semi-conspiratorial tone of guru/salesmen such as Tony Robbins… His audience interactions are smooth and he knows how to stick the knife into our guts in the middle of a belly laugh"

Time Out New York: "A Michael Moore-esque rallying cry… Disturbing & frightening… I’ve never seen anything like it… a really great performer"

* Recommended in The New Yorker, Pick Of The Day in The Boston Globe, Editor's Pick Boston Phoenix *

Time Out Chicago: "Plenty of polished one-liners and wry observations"

NYTheatre.com: "A funny satirical attack on the culture of greed… Kreisler has an amiable stage presence. The material is timely and well-informed… Kreisler brings a standup comic’s sensibility to the role, toying with the audience with a good-natured rib here and there, but always seemingly aiming to please. He’s quick, he’s likeable, and he’s got a good command of the material."

Flavorpill: "A hilarious, recession-proof tutorial on how to get rich without regard for morals or other mortals"

TheatreIsEasy: "Truly a show for our times, Jeff Kreisler creates pitch-perfect satire… A great blend of compelling performance elements: it includes laugh-out-loud humor, scathing social critique, a fun premise that literally pulls the audience right into the action, and excellent writing, performing and direction"

Fest: "Jeff Kreisler goes where other comics fear to tread...  Kreisler’s set bristles with ironic barbs, the best of which induce as much anger as mirth – a zest missing from (other) shows... Kreisler's keen intellect sees to it that tired subjects are rendered shocking and original. Reflections so clever, you wonder why they aren’t present in the political discourse.  The format – an infomercial cum self-help seminar based around Kreisler’s new book – is equally original and engaging... A slickly delivered, well thought-out set – Kreisler should be playing to bigger audiences."

"I could not imagine learning more while having so much fun" - Dan Ariely, Professor at Duke University, Fuqua Graduate School of Business and author of "Predictably Irrational"

TalkingBroadway: "About as smart as parody shows (and books) come."

ShowShowdown: "Like all good satire, comedian Jeff Kreisler’s fake wealth-building seminar gets closer to the truth than the putative objects of its scorn"

ShowbusinessWeekly: "Timely & Hilarious"

AYearOfPlays: "Jeff has a formidable intelligence, a robust moral center, and a wicked sense of humor. These combine perfectly to create the ironic social commentary that blazes, nearly undisguised, behind his character’s cherubic grin. Yet at the same time, Get Rich Cheating as a seminar feels disturbingly believable, as if it’s just a hair away from being an actual self-help phenomenon that could be sweeping our helpless nation tomorrow… here is a show that takes a real life truth and translates it through satire, character, and humor"

Three Weeks: "Witty political references and laugh-out-loud observations that might just help you chuckle away the credit-crunch blues."

All The Festivals: "Get Rich Cheating sees Jeff Kreisler run a fake motivational seminar in such a way that you wonder if you’re going to leave the room as a member of a cult – or, depending on the nature of the cult, wondering if you’re going to leave at all..."

The Scotsman: "Some stand-ups almost elide criticism and that’s essentially the case for Jeff Kreisler’s Get Rich Cheating, his snake oil salesman’s patter so breezily relentless that I doubt he even registers non-believers. Although he describes his look as George Clooney with a hint of Pete Sampras, Kreisler’s spiritual progenitor is Bernie Madoff and the grubby screw-you style of US capitalism... An easy listen, and in spite of himself, charming... he does have a mellifluous voice, a slick PowerPoint presentation and I will be placing an order for that book."

The Epoch Times: "Biting, funny, and sadly, all too true"

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