Le$$ons from the Great Cheaters
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Pre$$ed for Attention

August 3, 2011

Boston media love Get Rich Cheating Live. The Local Patch does, too.

The Cheater Says: Fools! I’ll show them all at my next seminar, with a very special guest, the guy from whom I stole my book idea. BwaaahahahaHA!

Tuesday, Aug 9, 8pm • The PIT • 123 East 24th St – $8 • Facebook info
This month, Jeff interviews the founder of the think tank DEMOS and bestselling author of “The Cheating Culture” David Callahan.
Everyone’s cheating: Why not you?

“A Michael Moore-esque rallying cry” – Time Out New York
“Laugh-out-loud” – The New York Times
“Hilarious” – Chicago Tribune
“A funny satirical attack on the culture of greed” – NY Theater.com
“Hilarious” – Flavorpill
“Reflections so clever, you wonder why they aren’t present in the political discourse” – Fest

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