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Get China Cheating

March 22, 2012

The Chinese language version of Get Rich Cheating is now available!
This is the awesome description, in its entirety, from the Amazon.com page:

American thick black theory; classics to become rich in business circle; absolute principle in official circle! It is the first bare fraud teaching material in the world. If you can understand it, you will not be cheated at least. In poor mans dictionary, fraud is defined as delusion by trick, cheat and dishonest method. But many American clearly knowing about society doesnt think so. They have not prejudice concept of right or wrong. Cheaters define fraud as astonishing personal profits made through illegal, immoral and interesting ways. The author Jeff Kreisler thinks that you shall drive the thought that fraud is not correct away from your mind. It is only a decadent thought inculcated to you by weak culture which will not let you succeed. The humor statement of this book is that fraud is great and doing well it you will be a big cheater.

The Cheater (aka ke lai si le) Says: I don’t know if I’m saving or destroying the world, but I am sure I’m making a difference.

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