Le$$ons from the Great Cheaters
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Ethics Lecture On Cheating

June 1, 2011

For the theatre & club version of the show, go here.

NEWS: MSNBC now features Jeff’s Cheat Chats, Thursdays in the 4pm hour. Some clips here.

A satirical wealth-building seminar perfect for colleges, business schools, legal programs, professional conferences and more. The subject is the ethics of making money and the perils of unchecked self-interest and obsession with financial gain.

Get Rich Cheating is the satirical wealth-building seminar, with Jeff Kreisler (MSNBC, CNN, FoxNews, BBC, Comedy Central, IFC, & more) as Stephen-Colbert-meets-Jim-Cramer, using the cheating of the day to provide absurd advice and generate positive discussion about ethics and responsibility.

More than just a comedian’s take on the state of the world, this is a thoroughly researched look at contemporary cheating as told through some of its most successful participants. It is a cautionary tale about the risks of unethical behavior in our current business culture. It is also very funny.

Based upon his bestselling book from HarperCollins, Jeff explores the real life scams that – despite the impact on the rest of us – continue to get so many people, so very rich.

Get Rich Cheating has been presented at a TED talk, The Economist World In Festival, graduate business programs like Duke and Georgetown, the McGowan Fund, and at colleges, conferences, symposia, and corporate gatherings around the globe. Jeff’s Cheat Chats are a regular highlight on MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show.

Everyone’s doing it – from sleazy CEOs to juiced-up athletes, silicone-enhanced movie stars, and morally-challenged politicians – why not you?

A Q&A discussion follows the presentation.

What People Are Saying:
“I could not imagine learning more while having so much fun” – Dan Ariely, Professor at Duke University, Fuqua Graduate School of Business and author of “Predictably Irrational”

“Somebody get Jeff Kreisler on ‘The Colbert Report’… As funny and as quotable as anything that appears daily on late-night TV. You are guaranteed a few laugh-out-loud verbal souvenirs” – The New York Times

“Hilarious… He knows how to stick the knife into our guts in the middle of a belly laugh.” – Chicago Tribune

“A Michael Moore-esque rallying cry… A really great performer.” – Time Out New York

“A truly special event” – The Economist

Recommended in The New Yorker’s “Goings On About Town”

“Pitch perfect satire” – Theater Is Easy

“A funny satirical attack on the culture of greed” – NYTheater.com

“Like all good satire, comedian Jeff Kreisler’s fake wealth-building seminar gets closer to the truth than the putative objects of its scorn.” – Show Showdown

“Reflections so clever, you wonder why they aren’t present in the political discourse. The format – an infomercial cum self-help seminar based around Kreisler’s new book – is equally original and engaging…” – Fest Magazine

“Kreisler’s spiritual progenitor is Bernie Madoff and the grubby screw-you style of US capitalism… An easy listen, and in spite of himself, charming” – The Scotsman

“A hilarious, recession-proof tutorial on how to get rich without regard for morals or other mortals” –Flavorpill

“Biting, funny, and sadly, all too true” – The Epoch Times

* Jeff Kreisler is the Senior Writer for The War Room with Jennifer Granholm (Current TV), a recovering attorney, graduate of Princeton University and Virginia Law School, winner of the Bill Hicks Spirit Award for Thought Provoking Comedy, author of “Get Rich Cheating,” host on the Progressive Radio Network, regular contributor to MSNBC and Headline News, writer for Comedy Central, TheFinalEdition.com, Huffington Post, TheStreet.com, and IFC, cast member of Shoot The Messenger, executive editor of “My Wall Street Journal,” Managing Editor of The Final Edition, and star of several hit international festival shows. After stops in Boston, DC, and San Francisco, Jeff now lives in New York City. JeffKreisler.com

More about Jeff’s professional speaking & speech-writing services here.

About The Book:
“You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank, assuming other cheaters haven’t forced it into bankruptcy yet.” – Rachel Maddow (MSNBC)

“Catcher in the Rye for evildoers” – Penthouse Magazine

“Laugh out loud – roaring!” – CNBC

“A very funny book with a very timely message” – Terry Jones (Monty Python)

“A brilliant and brilliantly sustained satirical broadside. On just about every page, you’ll find a pithy, pointed barb worthy of the late great George Carlin” – Tony Hendra (George Carlin’s “Last Words”)

“This is THE book to read on the unemployment line” – Lizz Winstead (Co-creator of The Daily Show)

“Is (it) a humor book, prescient, or a Wall Street / Washington user’s manual? It is all three… Kreisler is that funny” – The Reviews Page

“Taking the liars and manipulators in politics to task, as well as sports and pop culture figures, and presenting the facts as a satirical guide that’s part infomercial, part indictment. Like his act, it’s as smart and funny as it is independent and direct in its message.” – The Comedians

Lecture Preview

The Infomercial

Cheating on TV

Recent “Cheater” TV appearances here

Past performances include:
McGowan Fellowship Ethics Symposium, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University
The Economist’s World in 2011 Conference
Mellon BNY
New York Comedy Festival (presented by Comedy Central)
Duke University, Fuqua Graduate School of Business (x3)
59E59 Theaters
San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival
The Pratt Institute
Bentley University
East to Edinburgh Festival
NY International Fringe Festival
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Chicago Fringe Festival
Garage Theatre Solofest
142 Throckmorton Theatre
Mile Square Theatre, Hoboken
Adult Education, Brooklyn
Passim, Cambridge, MA
Riot Act, Washington, DC
6th & I, Washington, DC

Past guests include:
Dylan Ratigan, Dan Ariely, David Callahan, Mike Norton, Aaron Task, Karl Frisch, and co-creator of The Daily Show, Lizz Winstead

To book Get Rich Cheating for your group, go here.

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