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Do Your Cheat

January 21, 2015

The Cheater is, obviously, a very big New England Patriots fan. Has been for life. So all he has to say is… “Go Pats” and the team’s 2014 slogan: “Do Your Job.”

Your job, apparently, is to cheat. Yay.

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The Kids Are All Cheat

October 9, 2014

The wee children over at Fuse TV wanted to know how to raise a quick couple million – for something called a Wu Tang Clan (?) – so who’d they ask for advice?

The Cheater, of course.

Watch and learn:

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Another Book Spreads The Cheat

October 3, 2014

The Cheater has published a provocative and profoundly important call to arms in the new book, “Laughing Liberally: Letters to the American Voter”

Per the publisher:
“A compilation of 12 essays that are political, provocative and hilarious, “Laughing Liberally: Letters to the American Voter” has arrived just in time for the 2014 elections–a perfect escape from campaign fever, or an early holiday gift. With topics ranging from the Right-Wing War on Women to Islamophobia, corporate greed to Congressional corruption, “Laughing Liberally: Letters to the American Voter” is funny, ferocious and festive fun. Get your copy today.

The Cheater Says: See if you can guess which piece is mine.
Hint 1: It’s in bold italics above.
Hint 2: It’s the force of nature which will bring America – or at least the cheating, rich, corporate Americans who really matter – back to greatne$$.

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In Russia, Bank Deposits Money Into YOU

September 29, 2014

It Pays To Be Putin’s Friend

The Cheater Says: First, China steals and sells my book, now Russia steals and perfects my ideas. What a country!

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Tax Evasion as Good Public Policy

Here’s a little report The Cheater published about ways to innovate cost savings for struggling multi-billion dollar industries. Enjoy!

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5 Cheating Years

May 26, 2014

Five years ago today, HarperCollins published “Get Rich Cheating” and proved to the world that Money is the root of all Good.

The Cheater Says: Read what I have to say about this anniver$ary here.

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Too Much Cheating!

April 11, 2014

The Cheater says: I’ve been too busy on the lecture circuit, doing TV stuff, counting my money, and planning very important things to update this blog as much as I’d like.

So pick up any newspaper – you’ve read about “newspapers” on the internet – to find your own cheating stories… every… single… day.

Or… follow me on Twitter or YouTube or over at The Final Edition

Or… check out the bestselling book or critically-acclaimed live wealth-building experience

Or… play around with the videos and links and reviews all over this site and watch this infomercial right now:

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Cheat Dump: My Money & Your Kids

January 21, 2014

Some inspirational reading while you count your bonus…

The Undeserving Rich: Yes, we are underserved. We should get more.

Addicted to Wealth – For the Love of Money: “Not only was I not helping to fix any problems in the world, but I was profiting from them.” <- I love this guy! Except that instead of just profiting from problems, he should have been causing problems… and then profiting from them. He’ll learn.

Sallie Mae Allegedly Harassed Family Of Dead College Student To Pay Up On Debt: Um, yeah. These government endorsed salaries don’t pay for themselves.

Inspecting a Student Loan Spigot
: Ditto.

When Elite Parents Dominate Volunteers, Children Lose: I believe the children are our future, cheat them well and let them be our slaves.

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‘Tis The Season To Be Cheatin’

December 15, 2013

“Affluenza”: The new, legally tested excuse for doing whatever you want with all the money you cheat.

We Are Not All in This Together
: Uh… duh.

“The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder”: Hey kids, first one’s free… Kids! Hey! (snap snap). Over here. Put that down, look over here! I said, pay attention! Guh. Just put this in your facehole.

Stories from the yacht of Representative Duke Cunningham: The elected official who sold out the troops for cash. He’s out of jail. Already. Crime does pay.

“Paradise of Untouchable Assets”
: Hint: It’s the Cook Islands. Hide your ill-gotten booty there. It’ll “cook” right up… Guh. Just put this in your facehole.

The Cheater Says: Just a few stories from this week. Enjoy your holidays. Before the New Year, please don’t forget to pretend to donate to a charity you own for the tax write-off.

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The Daily (Cheater) Show

December 5, 2013

“Hey, Cheater, why should we cheat?”
“Because a) it’s not illegal and b) even if you’re caught, no body will care.”
“Says who?”
“These clowns:”

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