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Another Book Spreads The Cheat

October 3, 2014

The Cheater has published a provocative and profoundly important call to arms in the new book, “Laughing Liberally: Letters to the American Voter”

Per the publisher:
“A compilation of 12 essays that are political, provocative and hilarious, “Laughing Liberally: Letters to the American Voter” has arrived just in time for the 2014 elections–a perfect escape from campaign fever, or an early holiday gift. With topics ranging from the Right-Wing War on Women to Islamophobia, corporate greed to Congressional corruption, “Laughing Liberally: Letters to the American Voter” is funny, ferocious and festive fun. Get your copy today.

The Cheater Says: See if you can guess which piece is mine.
Hint 1: It’s in bold italics above.
Hint 2: It’s the force of nature which will bring America – or at least the cheating, rich, corporate Americans who really matter – back to greatne$$.

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