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Cheat Dump

February 26, 2015

It’s February… do you know where your cheaters are?

A-Rod Shows Up To Camp
The Cheater Says: Exhibit A for the age old argument that it pays (and pays and pays) to cheat (and cheat and cheat).

Artist Creates B.S. Pyramid Marketing Scheme To Sell His “Art,” Ruin Society
The Cheater Says: I shoulda created a fake market and fabricated demand pricing for my book. Oh, wait, I did: In China.

Climate Scientist In Hot Water
The Cheater Says: Ha! No, seriously, he’s ethically compromised and totally de-legitimized an entire political argument, all for money, which is not surprising and kind of awesome and the American way! USA! USA! USA!

Morgan Stanley Agrees to $2.6 Billion Settlement for Role in Housing Bubble
The Cheater Says: Not even a slap on the wrist. More like a nice silver bracelet on the wrist, a hearty handshake on the wrist, and a “keep it up, cheater” on the elbow.

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