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Pre$$ed for Attention

August 3, 2011

Boston media love Get Rich Cheating Live. The Local Patch does, too.

The Cheater Says: Fools! I’ll show them all at my next seminar, with a very special guest, the guy from whom I stole my book idea. BwaaahahahaHA!

Tuesday, Aug 9, 8pm • The PIT • 123 East 24th St – $8 • Facebook info
This month, Jeff interviews the founder of the think tank DEMOS and bestselling author of “The Cheating Culture” David Callahan.
Everyone’s cheating: Why not you?

“A Michael Moore-esque rallying cry” – Time Out New York
“Laugh-out-loud” – The New York Times
“Hilarious” – Chicago Tribune
“A funny satirical attack on the culture of greed” – NY Theater.com
“Hilarious” – Flavorpill
“Reflections so clever, you wonder why they aren’t present in the political discourse” – Fest

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Countrywide: The Country’s Pride

July 21, 2011

Countrywide to pay back $108 million over excessive fees

The Cheater Says: The FTC claims Countrywide’s “was a business model based on deceit and corruption, and the harm they caused to American consumers is absolutely massive and extraordinary.”
Wow! What better endorsement is there than that? Congrats Countrywide!

Wanna be like Countrywide CEO Angelo GTL Mozilo? Come to the seminar tonight in Boston or soon in NYC, DC, or wherever you bring it…

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Beantown Cheatdown

July 17, 2011

Boston Phoenix makes Get Rich Cheating an Editor’s Pick.

The Cheater Says: You can’t fool all of the people all of the time, but if you fool one editor, then more people will come get rich.
Thursday, July 21, 8 pm, Club Passim
Get Rich Cheating Live with Harvard Business School eggheads Mike Norton & Zoe Chance
Facebook event page

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Live Event Cheatails

July 2, 2011

Excited to announce some accomplished & intelligent experts who will join upcoming Get Rich Cheating live wealth-building seminars:

July 21 – Club Passim, Cambridge MA with Mike Norton!
Aug 9 – PIT, NYC with David Callahan!
Sept 13 – PIT, NYC with Dylan Ratigan!
Sept 23 – at TEDxEast
Oct 11 – PIT, NYC with Dan Ariely!

The Cheater Says: I’m sure these egg-heads and goody-2-shoes will help you Get Richer Cheating. Come and prove me rich.

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Ethics Lecture On Cheating

June 1, 2011

For the theatre & club version of the show, go here.

NEWS: MSNBC now features Jeff’s Cheat Chats, Thursdays in the 4pm hour. Some clips here.

A satirical wealth-building seminar perfect for colleges, business schools, legal programs, professional conferences and more. The subject is the ethics of making money and the perils of unchecked self-interest and obsession with financial gain. (more…)

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NYC: Learn to Get Rich Cheating Thursday Night

May 11, 2011

The Cheater Says: I give to you the gift of another cheating seminar, this time with a special guest, Aaron Task, host of Daily Ticker on Yahoo! Finance.

Thursday May 12, 2011, 9:30 pm
The Pit NYC
FB info, Pit info

Stephen-Colbert-meets-Tony-Robbins in this satirical wealth-building seminar using real cheating for financial advice. Everyone’s cheating: Why not you?
“Delectable” – New York Times
“You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank” – Rachel Maddow
“Hilarious” – Chicago Tribune
“A Michael Moore-esque rallying cry” – Time Out NY
“Very funny, very timely” – Terry Jones (of Monty Python)


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$pecial $eminar Tonight

April 15, 2011

Tax days looms. Tonight, learn to cheat The Man… as well as The Woman… and The Child… and whoever else gets in your way.

Get Rich Cheating Live
8pm. Mile Square Theatre.
Hoboken, New Jersey.

The Cheater Says
: Don’t be afraid to live your dream$

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Get Broadcasting Cheating

March 10, 2011

Tonight and every Thursday at 8pm, The Rude Pundit & I infiltrate the Progressive Radio Network James O’Keefe style to broadcast the Cheater and The Rude show.

The Cheater Says: We have no idea what this show is or will become, but you should join us and provide feedback. Here’s a Facebook page where you can offer suggestions for us to ignore.

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Cheating In The Year 2011

November 17, 2010

The Cheater was just invited to speak at the Economist’s World in 2011 Conference in New York City.

The Cheater Says: Other speakers – like Bill Clinton, the founder of FourSquare, and the director of MoMa – might be “hotter,” but they won’t make you rich. I will.

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Live from New York, it’s…

October 6, 2010

Get Rich Cheating!! Just added to the prestigious New York Comedy Festival lineup

The Cheater Says: Can’t think of a better place for my wealth-building seminar than NYC. Full of cheaters. From Wall Street to the Yankees with a stop midtown at FoxNews. Come learn their secrets.

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