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The Cheat York Times

August 26, 2010

“Somebody get Jeff Kreisler on “The Colbert Report.”… As funny and as
quotable as anything that appears daily on late-night TV. You are
guaranteed a few laugh-out-loud verbal souvenirs to try out on your
friends after the performance.” – New York Times

The Cheater: That Old Grey Lady knows what she’s talking about. Come on over – NYC (Friday night), Chicago (Sept 1-5), San Fran (Sept 10) – and Get Rich Cheating!

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Even more seminar reviews

August 19, 2010

“A funny satirical attack on the culture of greed… Kreisler has an amiable stage presence. The material is timely and well-informed… Kreisler brings a standup comic’s sensibility to the role, toying with the audience with a good-natured rib here and there, but always seemingly aiming to please. He’s quick, he’s likeable, and he’s got a good command of the material.” – NYTheatre.com

“Jeff has a formidable intelligence, a robust moral center, and a wicked sense of humor. These combine perfectly to create the ironic social commentary that blazes, nearly undisguised, behind his character’s cherubic grin. Yet at the same time, Get Rich Cheating as a seminar feels disturbingly believable, as if it’s just a hair away from being an actual self-help phenomenon that could be sweeping our helpless nation tomorrow… here is a show that takes a real life truth and translates it through satire, character, and humor.”- AYearOfPlays

The Cheater Says: Heady days. Clemens indicted, Blago acquitted, my seminar reviewed…

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More Cheatviews

August 18, 2010

“Get Rich Cheating, however, is about as smart as parody shows (and books) come.” – Talking Broadway

“Like all good satire, comedian Jeff Kreisler’s fake wealth-building seminar gets closer to the truth than the putative objects of its scorn.” – Show Showdown

The Cheater Says: These dang reviewers are getting famous off of my seminar! Cheaters! I’m so proud…

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Cheater Review

August 16, 2010

Theater Is Easy says this about the wealth-building seminar:
“Truly a show for our times, Jeff Kreisler creates pitch-perfect satire… A great blend of compelling performance elements: it includes laugh-out-loud humor, scathing social critique, a fun premise that literally pulls the audience right into the action, and excellent writing, performing and direction. Definitely a must-see on your Fringe list!”

The Cheater Says: Read the whole review here.
Info about where to attend the seminar (NYC, Chicago, San Fran) is here.

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“Timely & Hilarious” – Showbusiness Weekly

August 11, 2010

A just-found old review of the very first time the Get Rich Cheating seminar was offered, on ShowbusinessWeekly.com. It’s gotten much better, much more powerful, since, but, even back then: “timely and hilarious”… “a perfect parody”… “every sentence is witty and thought out”… and “he keeps the audience laughing throughout.”

The Cheater Says: How’d I find it? I Google myself. Actually, I have several lovely assistants Google me. Come learn how to be rich enough to employee sexy, Google-only assistants, as the Get Rich Cheating seminar tours NYC, Chicago, and San Fran. More reviews and details here.

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ESPN Tuesday Morning Cheaterback

February 16, 2010

Prominent Member of Media Elite Exploits “Get Rich Cheating” for Personal Gain

The Cheater Says: Nice move, Easterbrook: Recommend the most important book in a generation in hopes of driving traffic to your column, thereby increasing your pay. Extra kudos for your clever use of hiding-it-at-the-very-end-of-the-piece. Very subtle. Very rich.

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Guzzo The Concheatian

January 10, 2010

A wise investor recommends Get Rich Cheating.

The Cheater Says: My dream is that, some day, the “contrarians” will be the ones who don’t cheat. Thanks, Cheat-o.

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Trust Me, I’m A Lawyer

November 30, 2009

Virginia Law School reviews an alum’s book:

“In a world where so many people seem to bend the rules — from Congressmen to baseball players to slick financiers — what’s holding the rest of us back? Jeff Kreisler’s first book, Get Rich Cheating, is a humorous, tongue-in-cheek guide to getting what isn’t ours (but sometimes seems as if it ought to be). He dedicates his book, “To money, the root of all good,” and throughout he gently pokes and prods readers to stop daydreaming about a life of luxury and go out and grab it — to boldly go where upright, ethical people would never dare.
“Kreisler’s thoroughly researched guide presents the stories of famous and not-so-famous cheaters and what we can learn from them. He has the answer for anyone naïve enough to ask, “Why cheat?” And he follows up with lots of tips on how to exploit “some of the people all of the time.” Kreisler put his J.D. to use in writing the handy section on what to do if you’re unfortunate enough to get caught.”

The Cheater Says: Law school. Where I learned the rules and how to bend ’em.

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5-Cheat Book Review

November 11, 2009

Midwest Book Review:
Take a healthy dose of humor and blend it with some business savvy and observations of questionable practices and you have GET RICH CHEATING: THE CROOKED GUIDE TO EASY STREET, a tongue-in-cheek guide to schemes that have proven to generate cash covers everything from government bailouts to exploiting the weak. From controlling a board of directors to the mechanics of collusion, it’s a hilarious, pointed observation of business. – Five Stars

The Cheater Says: Fools!

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New Cheatsy Review

October 23, 2009

PolititickerNJ – Inside Politics for Political Insiders – reviews the book.

Vox Infantia Canguro

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