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August 19, 2010

“A funny satirical attack on the culture of greed… Kreisler has an amiable stage presence. The material is timely and well-informed… Kreisler brings a standup comic’s sensibility to the role, toying with the audience with a good-natured rib here and there, but always seemingly aiming to please. He’s quick, he’s likeable, and he’s got a good command of the material.” – NYTheatre.com

“Jeff has a formidable intelligence, a robust moral center, and a wicked sense of humor. These combine perfectly to create the ironic social commentary that blazes, nearly undisguised, behind his character’s cherubic grin. Yet at the same time, Get Rich Cheating as a seminar feels disturbingly believable, as if it’s just a hair away from being an actual self-help phenomenon that could be sweeping our helpless nation tomorrow… here is a show that takes a real life truth and translates it through satire, character, and humor.”- AYearOfPlays

The Cheater Says: Heady days. Clemens indicted, Blago acquitted, my seminar reviewed…

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