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Happy Cheat Year (continued)

December 31, 2012

The Cheater Says: More end of year cheating, in case you mi$$ed it…

HSBC Pays Record Fine for Money Laundering for Mexican Drug Cartels and Middle Eastern Terrorists. An international bank, drugs & terrorism… kinda everything awesome for a measly $1.9 billion slap on the wrist. Write that off, and cheat, cheat, again!
The Cheater Adds: In case you think I’m kidding, HSBC had a “record fine” in 2011, too… Can’t wait to see what they do in 2013!

Deutsche Bank warns that being raided for tax evasion might impact profit. Nothing about changing policies or rethinking ethics, just a drag on profits. My kinda company!

Insider Trading Gets More Daring with Risk vs. Reward Changes
. Alt title: “New York Times writer simply cuts ‘n’ pastes from my book.”

Poor people manipulate child literacy regs. Um, the point is not to get “a little less poor” cheating, but to get RICH cheating. Pick up your game, Appalachia, or we’ll send more Governors on hikes there.

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