Le$$ons from the Great Cheaters
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So much cheating…

March 19, 2012

… so little time.

Goldman Sachs Is Was Awesome
The Cheater Says: … and being a profit-focused money whore who would sell my own grandmother for an inside edge is wrong because why now?

Going from Congress to Lobbying means a 1452% raise
The Cheater Says: Now that’s change we can believe in!

The JOBS Act “Won’t Create Jobs, But It Will Simplify Fraud”
The Cheater Says: Ditto.

Florida Doles Out Billions In Corporate Tax Breaks While Slashing College Funding And Laying Off Thousands
The Cheater Says: What?! The state governed by a guy who committed the nation’s largest medicare fraud has cheating tendencies? Why, yes, I will open a post office box there for tax purposes.

The Mets settle their part of the Bernie Madoff affair
The Cheater Says: Wrong cheat, wrong industry. Baseball + steroids = $$$. Baseball + ponzi scheme = dumb.

more to come…

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