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Nobody Gets Puni$hed

February 26, 2011

Biggest Fish Face Little Risk of Being Caught

The Cheater Says: There are two le$$ons in this.
1. Go big, or go home. Small crime – like petty theft to feed a family – gets punished. Big crime – like scamming the country into ruin – doesn’t.
2. You might get caught cheating… but that doesn’t mean you’ll get punished cheating. In fact, getting caught cheating is just an opportunity to cheat even more. In China, the word “problem” is the same as the word “opportunity.”
We should listen to China: They have all our money.

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Somebody Told WikiCheats About You

January 18, 2011

Ex-Banker Gives Data on Tax Evasion to Wikileaks

The Cheater Says: Don’t worry about it, cheaters, just do some not-at-all-guilt-ridden prep like Bank of America did. Remember, you can’t spell “making millions by cheating on your taxes” without “cheating on your taxes.”

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Wham Bam, Thank You Cam

November 15, 2010

Auburn QB Cam Newton allegedly stole a laptop, cheated on exams, and extorted money for his football services

The Cheater Says: … and once he’s done making million$ for his college, the SEC, the NCAA, the BCS, the major TV networks and their sponsors, he’ll go make a a bundle for himself in the NFL. It’s a cheating win-win-winwinwin.

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New around here? Let’s cheat.

August 3, 2010

The Cheater Says: Hey, new friends. Wanna make A LOT of money?
– Read the blog
Buy the book
Attend the seminar

You’re welcome.

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Land Of The Rising Cheat

July 7, 2010

Japan’s Sumos In Gambling Scandal

The Cheater Says: Good strategy… be so ingrained in the national identity that your cheating will be hard to accept. (“Got it” – MLB, counting receipts). Also, be 500 pounds. (“Mmmf mmfff” – Prince Fielder, stuffing his face).

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Legal Defense Cheat

June 25, 2010

Sarah Palin’s Defense Fund Was Illegal

The Cheater Says: Just using the word “official” can raise $400,000? Who knew? (Answer: Palin)

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Home for the HoliCheats

June 22, 2010

Mortgage Exec Charged with MultiBILLION Dollar Fraud

The Cheater Says: Remember, small time grifters, just plucking a few hundred or a couple thousand off of some desperate homeowners isn’t getting rich cheating… Aim high! If the scam amount doesn’t end in “illion,” it’s not worth trying.

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BP’s Got Friends In Cheat Places…

June 17, 2010

Rep. Barton (R – Softmoneyville) Apologizes To BP

The Cheater Says: Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Cheaters, however, own the police, the judge, the jury, the rule-makers, the purse-strings, the media, and that little thing dangling in the back of your mouth… what’s that called? Oh yeah, your $oul.

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Cheating Death

June 10, 2010

Billionaire Pays ZERO Estate Taxes

The Cheater Says: There’s a year without estate tax. I’m not saying this is a good time to fake your death, passing all the money to your trustafarian heirs, then have them donate it to the Your-Name-Here Charitable Foundation… but consider it. Right, Ken Lay, Sam Isreal, Jimmy Hoffa, and that guy from Damages? Right$

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Reader Cheats

June 1, 2010

From the comments page:
“When I was in college I figured out how to get a free college history book, what I did was I ordered the book online then when to the store to pick it up, then I sent in my mom to pick up the same text book, now i had two text books, then the next day I returned the textbook for a refund, and I got to keep the other one.”

The Cheater Says: Neato. But that’s not really getting RICH cheating, now is it? More like getting 50 bucks cheating. Should you charge kids a 50% of their take and rent out malnourished “moms” from impoverished countries… and also run the publishing company, credit card processor, and university… then you’ll be on to $omething.

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