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Five Questions, Five Cheats

October 13, 2009

David Shankbone asks The Cheater his legendary Five Questions and calls him “l’enfant terrible of finance.”

The Cheater Says: I’m a terrible infant, huh? Who cares. This baby is rich!

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The Co-cheat-ians

September 24, 2009

The Comedians interview some guy:
“If you’re a stand-up comic with a background in law and experience as a humorous business columnist, you could put together a book like Get Rich Cheating, The Crooked Path To Easy Street as Jeff Kreisler did, taking the liars and manipulators in politics to task, as well as sports and pop culture figures, and presenting the facts as a satirical guide that’s part infomercial, part indictment. Like his act, it’s as smart and funny as it is independent and direct in its message.”

The Cheater Says: What a jerk.

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Another One Cheats The Dust

August 27, 2009

The Scotsman’s review of my wealth-building seminar:
“An easy listen, and in spite of himself, charming, he does have a mellifluous voice, a slick PowerPoint presentation and I will be placing an order for that book…”

The Cheater Says: I sold him on the book. How’s about you?

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Kreisler should be cheating bigger audiences

August 19, 2009

A review of my wealth seminar in Edinburgh:

“Jeff Kreisler goes where other comics fear to tread… (his) keen intellect sees to it that tired subjects are rendered shocking and original. Reflections… so clever, you wonder why they aren’t present in the political discourse… equally original and engaging… a slickly delivered, well thought-out set – Kreisler should be playing to bigger audiences.” – Fest Magazine

The Cheater Says: You’re damn right I should be.

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Juiced Up Review

July 31, 2009

“Ever wonder what it’s like inside the mind of a genius? Well, now you can take a peek…

“Get Rich Cheating is not just a book, it’s a truncheon, and an oddly phallic one, which Kreisler swings as he parades down the avenues of American hypocrisy like lobotomized Holden Caulfield…

“In the God-is-Dead tradition of Nietzsche, Kreisler is superman.”
The Miami Examiner

The Cheater Says
: In lieu of discussing yesterday’s big cheating news, let’s “Distract & Destroy” (Chapter 21) with this book review, which is, um, on steroids.
(Second Catcher In The Rye reference. Sweet!)

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Building an army of cheaters

July 27, 2009

“Biting, funny, and sadly, all too true… Only in today’s cynical world could a show like Jeff Kreisler’s Get Rich Cheating (written and performed by Kreisler) strike such a resounding cord with audiences.” – The Epoch Times (about the live Get Rich Cheating seminar).

The Cheater Says: That’s how you manipulate the press into spreading the cheating gospel! Victory will be mine!

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Boston Globe Cheatseller

July 6, 2009

The Cheater Says: I don’t know who those other authors are above me (Obama? Glenn Beck? David Sedaris?), but I’m coming for ’em.


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The Cheat Note

June 25, 2009

“One can easily envision Jeff Kreisler as a guest on The Colbert Report, sharing a volley of sarcastic banter with the conservative political pundit caricature extraordinaire. Why? He’s funny, he has mad political criticism skills and, as his new book, Get Rich Cheating: The Crooked Path to Easy Street, reveals, he’s shrewdly corrupt – well, sort of.”

The Cheater Says: Sort of? Sort of? No, I am shrewdly corrupt. Read more of this hippie liberal blathering on TheQNote.com.

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Cheats On Pages Review

June 15, 2009

“A really funny, and really sarcastic, tutorial on how to make money the easy way: illegally! Throughout the book he uses real life examples of cheaters making a lot of money. It is very witty and very biting… If you want a book you can just relax and read to laugh every once in a while, this would be a good one for you.”
Letters On Pages

The Cheater Says
: Sarcastic? I wasn’t being sarcastic. And don’t read it just to “relax” and “laugh,” read it to get rich! Geesh, some people totally missed the point.

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Cheat-house Review

June 11, 2009

Kreisler is a kind of catcher in the rye for evildoers – using a “You can do it, too!” satirical premise to document the misdeeds of endless fat cats, crooked pols, spoiled athletes, and celebutards before they go over the cliff and out of public notice forever” – Penthouse Magazine

The Cheater Says: Read it for the articles.

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